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June 1, 2013
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Wikustest2 by Elita-01 Wikustest2 by Elita-01
My first attempt at crossplay makeup. This is for my Wikus cosplay this summer. I've got a lot to learn but it's not bad for a first try I don't think
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That is impressive. Or I've just never seen whatever you used for the weathered/wrinkled look around the eyes.

One thought as a beard-grower, it's very common for beards to not be a uniform color. Unfortunately, I don't quite know how to replicate that with makeup without someone spending an insane amount of time at it. But a few grey hairs in the mustache might be worth the effort. Since, well, that can be re-used. Then again, if you're going for the guy from District 9, (only thing I found on google)... Man. He's got kinda the "can't quite grow a" mustache, doesn't he? Bonus stage stubble.

I don't have a solution. I'm just admiring the problem. :D
It's called old age stipple and it's more difficult to use than I thought, I definitely need more practice with it.

I think you're right, I'll try using different colors on the stipple sponge and I'm going to try and thin out the moustache a little more as Wikus has this weird facial hair like you described.

Hopefully once I've lost the weight I put on being sick my cheeks won't look so chipmunk like and I can try to use makeup to look more gaunt.
I've never heard anyone say getting older was easy. Then again, everyone alive is managing it. :D

Colors can be weird. I remember seeing some "behind the scenes" involving, basically, painting an actor before applying a prosthetic face. So the vampires on Buffy, if my memory is accurate, had been painted red, a prosthetic glued on, and then makeup on top of it all... to make it look like skin. Because skin is, technically, a bit translucent, and some of the coloring comes from blood.

Stay healthy. I worry when people talk about weight loss. Mostly because there's quite a lot of idiots trying to lose weight, rather than living healthy... and... well, you probably know a few people like that too.
Oh, I've never heard of that! I've got lots of prosthetics for my arm to put on and I'll have to try that to make it look more realistic, thank you! Although they are flesh colored to begin with so that might not work..Latex work is something i've never done before and it's proving pretty challenging, I definitely don't want to look like I obviously glued a bunch of stuff all over my arm, the blending is really killing me

Of course, I don't do 'diets' or starving myself to be thin. The weight gain is a combination of being sick for two months, stressed out from illness/moving and with being so stressed comes awful AWFUL eating habits that I had left behind.

I started looking at myself and going 'Oh, who even CARES??' and then stuff some chips in my mouth and lay in bed on the internet..not exactly the best state of mind haha.
So now it's time to get back on the right path I was on before and stop letting stress dictate my eating habits (pff, easier said than done)
Could be worth the research. That memory is probably a decade old, and suspect. Might be newer tricks these days. :D

Never fun going back from an illness. Starting back weaker than the last time just doesn't feel good, for so many semi-rational reasons. Life isn't a video game. Although, if it were, when the dialog box came up for "waste time unproductively", we'd probably click whatever it took to get off our hineys. ^^;

Wonder if that's why so many of us put off doing things. We're waiting for a prompt.
HarleyTheSirenxoxo Jun 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:wow: Amazing makeup job, Baybee! - Harl (Victoria) xoxo :iconharleyquinnlaplz:
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